A Little Different Than Vinyasa Flow... Restorative Yoga Classes

When I opened the studio two years ago in May I never imagined having any restorative yoga classes at the studio. I envisioned the studio being a model after my favorite yoga studio in college in Boston - Back Bay Yoga Studio. Back Bay's schedule is filled with challenging vinyasa classes, hip hop yoga, Forrest yoga, etc. Most people who went to Back Bay were in great shape and college age or not much older.  It never occurred to me that what some Oak Parkers (and surrounding areas) need is something different.

When we added some restorative classes to the studio at night I was shocked at how many people were coming to these classes. People really needed to slow down from their busy lives, recharge, and reconnect. This is definitely something that can be done in vinyasa classes if they're practiced right (by staying calm and peaceful on the inside), but restorative classes are accessible to more people and are gentler on the body.

The tricky part is that it actually takes effort to go to a yoga class when you're feeling tired and depleted. You may want to sit at home and watch tv or take a nap, and when you do have enough energy to go to a yoga class, you might be wanting a more challenging class. For those of you who haven't taken a restorative yoga class, try this new kind of "challenge." They can be an excellent compliment to a vinyasa flow practice or high intensity workout. 

I often practice restorative yoga at home at night. It helps to have a friend or family member doing it with you. Going to a class with someone else is also helpful. Enjoy your practice!  Feel free to comment below.



Kelly MerydithComment