#mensyogamonth at Ahimsa in Elmhurst, Oak Park, and Berwyn

We are celebrating men who practice yoga and offering $10 off our New Student Special (1st month for $49) through March 31 to new male students who come to Ahimsa. 

It is no secret that women outnumber men in almost any yoga class in the US. The result is that many men feel uncomfortable joining a yoga class for their first time, even if they are interested. I've also heard that yoga either seems "wimpy" to men or "too hard."

My dad was introduced to yoga when he was in his late 50s. He was always a runner and gym goer. He wasn't interested in trying yoga before I became a certified instructor and needed someone to practice on. Since then, he was hooked. He found a great workout mixed with breath control, flexibility, balance, spirituality and stress relief.

Yoga benefits men in many ways - mostly with flexibility and stress relief. We encourage those with Y chromosomes to give yoga a shot this month and join our awesome community of male and female yogis!