Ahimsa Holiday Potluck 2019

Ahimsa Holiday Potluck 2019

By: Kelly Merydith
Photos and video by: Joe Kowalewski (joesephkcreative@icloud.com for any production work or inquiries)

On January 19, 2019 Ahimsa teachers, workstudy, and teacher trainees came together for a holiday potluck! We gave awards to our managers and others:

Happiest, Hippest, Hippy - Masin Ouksel, co-owner
Wizard of Oz - Kelly Merydith, co-owner
Rockstar Events Coordinator - Christiane Broihier, Events Coordinator
Peace & Love Warrior - Carol Buer, Customer Care & Workstudy Coordinator (and Kelly’s mom)
Zen Master - Chuck Merydith, Ahimsa Teacher, Floor sweeper, shoveler, 100 other jobs, Gong Master (kidding), and Kelly’s Dad
Best Pregnant Manager - Lauren Laughlin, Oak Park Manager
Badass in Berwyn - Mona McDougall, Berwyn Manager
Most Transformed - Christina DeCillo, La Grange and Elmhurst North and South Manager
Rockstar Referrer - Marissa Jayne, Berwyn Teacher
Larabar Lover - Caitlin Coan, Berwyn and Oak Park Teacher
Big Spender - Jackie Huxel, Oak Park Teacher (who loves our retail!)

Super Subbers - Teachers
These awards went to teacher who subbed the most classes at Ahimsa in 2018. This is a BIG deal because getting subs can often be difficult, so it’s nice that these teachers helped others in need.

Super Subbers - Lauren Laughlin, Jessica Jayne, Grace Sangat Gian, Julie Allison, Ann Rinderer

Super Subbers - Workstudy
Ahimsa’s workstudy program is where a student works a 4 hour desk shift in exchange for a Gold Membership. This shift is unpaid. When workstudy students cover for others, they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

Super Duper Subber - Morris Applebaum, who subbed 13 times in 2018!
Super Subbers - Joe Kowalewski (who also took the photos and videos!), Liz Chase, Miriam Gevinson, Shirley Rissmann, Colleen Luckey, Shanna Pierce

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