Ahimsa celebrates 6 years!

By: Macaila Britton

Last week Ahimsa celebrated 6 years from when we opened the first studio. We decided to take it back to the very beginning and celebrate at the Oak Park studio.  We loved seeing all the familiar (and new!) faces for our anniversary classes. The Ahimsa community is incredible! Here are a few photos from the day, achievements and memories of Ahimsa Yoga Studios.

Masin ans Kelly

Masin ans Kelly

In six years, we have expanded from one studio, to four! We have locations in Berwyn, Elmhurst and now La Grange. Also, we added a whole slew of incredible teachers to our team and have our very own yoga teacher training program. In between teaching, having fun and mastering new poses, we are planning picturesque and relaxing yoga retreats for you!

Kelly was reminiscing about the first Ahimsa shirt design and how much it has changed. She sported the very first tank top designed, while Masin opted for the updated tee. Besides the updates logos, the store has expanded the merchandise by addeding new trinkets and art to the studio! One of our favorites is the colorful "namaste y'all" painting on the hanging clothing display. 


This was the perfect day for celebrating. The weather was spectacular- the sun was out and it started to feel like summer. The rays of sunshine flooded the studio, adding to our happiness and brightening up the studio making photos even more fun.


We had a busy morning- classes sold out and there was so much energy in the air! Thank you to Masin and all of our teachers for leading our anniversary practices!

 The celebration wasn't complete until the balloons were blown up. 

 The celebration wasn't complete until the balloons were blown up. 

Lastly, all of this could not have been possible without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on the mat and on this journey. We love you, Ahimsa family!



Macaila is a yoga teacher in training, writer and photographer. She likes meeting new people, is passionate about helping the community and also enjoys traveling, all kinds of dessert and cheesy jokes. She aspires to become the best version of herself by investing in others. Yoga has helped her become more centered and focused on serving her higher purpose. To keep up with her latest adventures, visit MacailaBritton.com