Ahimsa Gives Back this November: Virtual Food Drive

One of the main things that makes Ahimsa so great is the sense of community that Ahimsa promotes. We do many things to connect with our community starting with the teachers and desk students that we hire - we stress kindness and friendliness be present in all of our actions. We want students to feel welcome and we want them to know that they matter!

We starting hosting Ahimsa Community Events a couple of years ago that were mainly on Saturday nights at a small fee or donation in order to give people sometime to do that was positive and social. We also often hold donation classes for our teachers who are passionate about a charity, and Women’s Circles are at almost all of our studios!

Ahimsa’s management got together in October to try to figure out how we can help the community with the limited amount of space at our studios. We’ve decided on a virtual food drive to benefit The Greater Chicago Food Depository. Each $1 donated can help provide 3 meals for families in need.

You can shop for actual food to donate virtually, or donate a dollar amount.

ahimsa virtual food drive

Kelly MerydithComment