10 Tips For Practicing Yoga Outside The Studio

By: Macaila Britton

We all have those days where we desperately need to go to our favorite yoga class, but life seems to happen. Whether we're skipping our yoga class because of work, a family commitment or because we're sick, it is important to know that we can still practice at home. There will not be a community of creative and outgoing yogis to chat with and learn from, or a teacher, but that's okay! One day from home doesn't hurt. Here are ten easy ways to make your busy day's at home practice more meaningful.

1. Create a Playlist

Music can help set the tone for your practice. Put all of your favorite songs in one place and play them. This will help you to stay relaxed, focus on yourself and motivated. 

2. Don't Be Afraid to Laugh

Embrace that you might not know what you are doing. We can be so hard on ourselves and serious. It is okay to be silly and have fun. Embrace that you are taking the steps to try something new or deepen your practice. 

3. Take a Break

If trying to master a new pose isn't going as planned, walk away. Know this is not giving up. Try transitioning into child's pose or your favorite pose to clear the mind. Sometimes all we need is to get out of our heads and have a few minutes of rest/a break. 

4. Use Your Resources

The best things about going to a class is having someone plan your practice and act as a guide. There is no worrying about which poses to do or even how to get into them- the instructor walks the class through it. If you are struggling with what to do, think about the sequences and poses the instructors take you through. Try out the ones you can remember. 

Google is also a great resource. There are a ton of visualizations of poses you can try out!

5. Clean Your Mat

We're putting our hands, feet and sweaty limbs on the same surface. Even though you are practicing at home, there are still germs. Yes, they are your germs, but germs are still gross. Stay healthy- wipe the sweat and dirt off! 

6. Create Your "Yoga Space"

Creating a space for your practice is beneficial in so many ways. One of which help with concentration. If you are unable to dedicate an entire room or wall to this, no worries! Setting up your mat every day will do just fine. If you prefer to practice in the morning, try laying things out in the morning so your "corner" will be there when you wake up. Think of it as your ever evolving and traveling yoga space. 

7. Relax

Breathe. Put a pause on life and the list of to-do's that seem to keep growing. Turn the tv off and silence your phone. Leave the room to find a quiet spot away from your partner, kids and animals. As amazing as they are, they can be distracting. 

8. Dress For Success

Who says you can't pop on those bright and colorful new yoga pants? Put on your favorite outfit. It will inspire you to practice and give an added confidence boost. Besides, who wants to fuss and tuck in their top every 5 seconds? Not me!

9. Use What You Have

If you do not have access to a yoga blocks or a strap, thats perfectly okay! Let me tell you a secret...you can still practice yoga. Use a hardcover book (ahem- the Harry Potter one sitting on your shelf or an old text book from ages ago). Use it like you would a block. No, it's not as soft, but it's still there to grab onto during Warrior II and Triangle, if needed. Use a thick belt or a scarf to deepen your stretch. Keep in mind it is not as sturdy as a strap, so choose your poses wisely!

10. Smile 

Be proud of yourself, because you are awesome!!

We all have those off days. Try not to beat yourself up for missing a class. The community of amazing yogis will still love and support you next week, when you're feeling better or when that work project is completed. 


About the Author:Macaila Britton

Macaila is a yoga teacher in training, writer and photographer. She likes meeting new people, is passionate about helping the community and also enjoys traveling, all kinds of dessert and cheesy jokes. She aspires to become the best version of herself by investing in others. Yoga has helped her become more centered and focused on serving her higher purpose. To keep up with her latest adventures, visit MacailaBritton.com