Studio Etiquette

Studio etiquette

Studio etiquette ensures a great experience for everyone!


Arrive at the studio at least 5 minutes before class begins so you have time to sign-in, put your coat and shoes away, set up your mat, and get your props before class begins on time. If you are driving, give yourself even more time to park. If you have to pay for class, give yourself even more time.


Turn your cell phone to silent or off during class. If you are a doctor on call, you may keep your phone near your mat.


Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Please keep your shirt on, socks and shoes off.


Please do not wear strong perfumes or scents - many of our students are allergic. However, please make sure you wear deodorant and/or shower before class. We occasionally use essential oils during class - please let the instructor know beforehand if you are allergic to any scents.

During Class

Quietly place your mat down (do your best to stagger with others).

Please do your best to follow along with the instructors cueing and stick with the group, unless you are modifying for your body’s unique situation.

If you’d like a warm lavender scented eye pillow for savasana, take a tissue or cloth near the props before class. Use it as a barrier for your eye pillow for savasana.


Our instructors occasionally give hands on adjustments during class. We have cards in Berwyn and Oak Park you can put on your mat that say “no physical touch”. Until we get them at the other locations, please let the instructor know before class if you do not want any adjustments.