Prenatal Yoga Classes


Join us every Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Ahimsa Elmhurst South

506 Spring Road, Elmhurst IL 60126

Taught by Jackie DeGaetano

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No yoga experience necessary! Our Prenatal Yoga Program comes with the following:

  • 8 Prenatal Yoga classes

  • All mats and props used during class are provided for free

Prenatal Yoga is an excellent way to slow down, prepare the body for all the changes it goes through and honor these changes in yourself, your body and your baby. Class emphasizes gentle stretching and supported strengthening poses to nurture the pregnant body. 

Meditation and relaxation techniques are incorporated to nurture the spirits of you and your baby. The yoga postures and breathing help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, keep the body flexible, and help ease the common discomforts in pregnancy.

Through the sharing of information and knowledge, mothers in the class connect to their babies and prepare for a healthy, mindful, and natural approach to a more peaceful and calm labor and birth. Classes are ongoing and include women in all phases of pregnancy. Taught by Jackie DeGaetano.

This gentle class is designed to support the changes to your body and to reduce the aches and pains which accompany pregnancy, in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will focus on special breathing techniques, opening the hips, preparing the body for birth.

A special prenatal class package (8 classes for $100) is required to join the prenatal class in Elmhurst. Once you have purchased the prenatal package, you can drop-in anytime. No reservations are required. The 8 classes do not have to be taken consecutively. The package can be purchased in person before class as well as online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Am I required to purchase the prenatal package? What if I want to attend 1 class to try it out?

A:  Yes. The prenatal community on Wednesday nights is a group that learns and grows together throughout pregnancy.  Committing to 8 classes ensures that you are committed to practicing yoga during your pregnancy and creates more trust within the group. At this time we do not allow students to take 1 class on it's own.

Q: I have some issues I'd like to discuss with the instructor.

A: Please send us a note through the contact form on the right side of the page.

Q: What if I don't use all of my classes before I have my baby?

A: We can credit your yoga account with classes or money to use toward a gift card or retail. Just send us an email.

Q: What if I run out of the 8 class package before I have my baby?

A: If you have completed the 8 class package, we will allow you to purchase single classes for the duration of your pregnancy at the rate of $12/class.







Can't make it to prenatal?

Below are tips to practice yoga while at a non-prenatal yoga class.

Please let the instructor know before class that you're pregnant. 

1. Avoid lying flat on your back for more than a few minutes

2. Avoid lying on your belly (lie on your side instead, or rest in child's pose)

3. Avoid deep twists, for obvious reasons. Take "open" twists, sometimes twisting in the opposite direction of the class

4. Don't stretch too much (ligaments are vulnerable because of the relaxin hormone), so focus on light stretching, breathing, and stability

5. Take savasana propped up, or lying on your left side



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