Ahimsa Elmhurst Student Spotlight: Rachel Wojcicki

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Meet Rachel Wojcicki, Elmhurst

What do you do when you're off your mat?
Run my small business, Relative Key Piano Studio! Tend to my plant friends, pet dogs, play piano, melodica or uke, read, create things, be with people!

What brought you to Ahimsa for the first time?
I had been doing yoga at home on Youtube (shoutout Yoga With Adriene!) I was looking for yoga to become part of my routine and learn more. I was looking for a yoga community! Ahimsa popped up many times and I finally decided to come to my first class.

What's your favorite thing about this studio?
I felt welcome at Ahimsa from my very first class. Every teacher will help  you will feel at hOMe at Ahimsa. It's easy to learn from them and grow together! It's such a beautiful community. They have such variety in the schedule and for workshops. There is something for everyone at Ahimsa.

What is your favorite type of yoga class (hatha, yin, vinyasa, etc.) and why?
It depends on the day... some days there is nothing better than a strong Vinyasa flow that allows me to lose my thoughts and connect my breath to my body. Other days I need a quiet place to calm my mind and a Restorative or Yin class is what I need. And on days when I'm in the middle, Hatha!

What's your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?
Yoga is for EVERY body. Leave any preconceived notions at the door and just come to class! It's not about what anyone else around you is doing, it's about you. Nothing changes overnight, give it time and be patient with yourself.

What has your practice given you?
My yoga practice has taught me the beauty in learning to be flexible both in my body and in my life. It has brought me love. It has also brought me so many wonderful like-minded people to share it with!

What's your favorite pose?
Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)

What's your least favorite pose?
Urdva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)

Tell us something unusual about yourself?
I had a dangerous run in with a squirrel in about second grade. I'm still a little scared of them.

What 3 words would a good friend use to describe you?
Creative, Hilarious & Organized (I asked!).

What's your guilty pleasure/s?
Binge watching something funny, Chipotle, good chocolate. I don't feel guilty for doing them, but they sure are things I try to moderate!  

Have you made any changes in your life as a result of your yoga practice?
I am able to handle the challenges that can arise with more ease. This is a more passive change but it has helped me in the way I interact with those around me. I also notice when I need to slow down and take care of myself. I'm currently in Ahimsa's Teacher Training, so that's a big exciting change!

If you were having a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted, who would they be?
Adreine Mishler, John Mayer, Rich Logan (if he's free), The Lonely Island. It would be an interesting dinner.

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