Ahimsa Elmhurst Student Spotlight: Tami Harrington


Meet Tamra Harrington, Age 58, Elmhurst

What do you do when you are off the mat? When I am not practicing Yoga I enjoy biking on the Prairie Path. I try to ride every day weather permitting. I also enjoy gardening. My garden has been certified a Butterfly Way-station, which provides food and habitat for the struggling Monarch Butterfly population. When I am not gardening I enjoy cooking and trying new healthy recipes. In the evenings on a summer night you can find me and my husband Tony sitting out front enjoying a glass of wine.

What brought you to Ahimsa for the first time?
I have exercised all my life, being and avid biker and runner I started  developing sore knees and feeling a bit stiff so I thought Yoga would help stretch my body out. I explored some other Yoga Studios but had not made a connection until I tried Ahimsa.... It was the perfect fit for me.

What's your favorite thing about this studio?
I started out at Elmhurst North Studio so I feel that is my home studio. I love the coziness of the North Studio. The teachers are so warm and welcoming and each teacher brings their own knowledge and experience to each class. I also love the South Studio, the lotus wall is beautiful and gives me a place to focus.

What is your favorite type of yoga class (hatha, yin, vinyasa, etc.) and why?
I love both Vinyasa and Hatha because doing both kinds of Yoga helps to balance my body out, more movement in Vinyasa and holding poses in Hatha.

What is your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?
First I tell newcomers to Yoga that anyone can do Yoga. Yoga practice is a personal connection between you and your body. I explain to them all the positive ways Yoga has affected my body and mind, more flexibility, upper body strength (planks) and a calmer mind. The Yoga community has been a great experience for me.

What has your practice given you?
Practicing Yoga has given me a better connection of mind, body and spirit. Yoga has strengthened my body and has given me more confidence in myself.yoga has given me Balance on and off the mat.

What is your favorite pose?
Tree Pose because I challenge myself to stay rooted and focused.

What is your least favorite pose?

Tell us something unusual about yourself.
I love to dance and I will dance at the drop of a hat ❤️.

What 3 words would a good friend use to describe you?
Nice, Helpful, Giving

What's your guilty pleasures?
Chocolate and Wine

Have you made any changes in your life as a result of your practice?
I have learned to let go and not worry so much. Yoga has taught me to breathe through any situation. Yoga has also introduced me to meditation which I am practicing daily.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted, who would they be?
Ina Garten


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