Ahimsa Elmhurst South Student Spotlight: Adam Cowger


Meet Adam Cowger!

Adam has been coming to (mostly) the Elmhurst studios (North and South) consistently for almost two years! He takes a variety of classes, but seems to love Vinyasa Flow and Hatha the most. We are happy to have Adam around at the studios and honored that he is our August student spotlight of the month for Elmhurst!

What do you do when you are off the mat?  
I'm a music professor at Joliet Junior College, husband and soon to be daddy! I live in Villa Park with my lovely wife Jess and dog Django. I also enjoy playing drums in a band called The Chicago Experience.

What brought you to Ahimsa for the first time?
I have been an avid runner for years and was looking for some cross training. I always wanted to try yoga and decided to go for it!

What's your favorite thing about this studio?
The wonderful instructors and the community!

What’s your favorite type of yoga class?
I enjoy vinyasa flow and hatha the most. I do like the occasional restorative class as well.

What is your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?
Take it easy at first and make sure to have proper alignment before fully expressing difficult poses.

What has your practice given you?
More core/leg strength and flexibility, which has help my running immensely.

What is your favorite pose?
I really enjoy crow, I feel like I'm finally getting it!

What is your least favorite pose?
Warrior 1 for sure.

Tell us something unusual about yourself.
I play a ton of Xbox!

What 3 words would a good friend use to describe you?
Kind, goofy and passionate.

What's your guilty pleasures?
Candy and Portillos chocolate cake shake!

Have you made any changes in your life as a result of your practice?
Definitely! I find myself being more relaxed in general. I even use meditation and yoga postures to reduce stress at work.

If you were to have a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted who would they be?
My drumming idols Steve Gadd and Bernard Purdie.

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