Ahimsa La Grange Student Spotlight: Jenny Meyer


Meet Jenny Meyer, 35,  La Grange

What do you do when you're off your mat?
I study Kenpo Karate and I play the bass guitar. I'm a mom to one human and one cat.

What brought you to Ahimsa for the first time?
I was trying yoga to help with abdominal injuries but I was only doing YouTube videos and kept feeling like I was doing the poses wrong. I wanted to try a real class but many studios were "all levels welcome" and that was too intimidating. Ahimsa offered Beginners classes at times that worked with my schedule.

What's your favorite thing about this studio?
The culture, the community of people, and how pretty it is.

What is your favorite type of yoga class (hatha, yin, vinyasa, etc.) and why?
My favorite are the Beginners classes because they go over the foundations and are done at a slower pace.

What's your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?
Invest in a good quality mat. I started with a cheap mat and slipped all over it. It hindered my progress. After I got a slip resistant mat, the poses started to make more sense and I was able to focus on the pose instead of falling.

What has your practice given you?
Spirituality and a sense of community with like minded people

What's your favorite pose?
Corpse pose :)

What's your least favorite pose?
Any of the warrior poses and lunges, although they are good for me.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?
Barack Obama invited me to eat doughnuts with him in his office when he was our junior senator. It was something he did every Tuesday morning and any Illinois resident could go. I  didn't go. Its my biggest regret.

What 3 words would a good friend use to describe you?
I asked my best friend. She said "Bad A$$ Motherf***er". My mom says Independent, Brave, and Outspoken

What's your guilty pleasure/s?
I don't feel guilty about anything I take pleasure in. But I do like watching the infomercials on HSN (if they are still on) for that lady's makeup line called Signature A. The makeup looks like what they use at funeral homes and I like watching her literally slap the makeup onto the poor model's faces. I don't know why I enjoy watching it so much but I do.

Have you made any changes in your life as a result of your yoga practice?
Yes. My whole life is different. Everything from home life, family life, work life, spiritual life, and my health.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted, who would they be?
Snoop Dogg, both my grandfathers, Sylvia Plath, and Hillary Clinton.

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