Our Story


Dear Students,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. The inspiration for Ahimsa Yoga Studio came to me when I was a senior in college taking classes at Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston, MA. I’d done two six month long internships in finance at a financial trading company in the Chicago Board of Trade building downtown. During lunch and after work I took classes at Akal Yoga in the Loop on the 7th floor and I was moved by how yoga relieved stress and anxiety caused by my work.

Father Daughter Team

Father Daughter Team


Shortly after graduating from Northeastern University in 2010 I went to Santa Monica, CA to complete a 200 hour YogaWorks teacher training with Kia Miller and Sonya Cottle. I spent the next year working odd jobs and saving money to start Ahimsa, which miraculously opened its doors in May 2011.

Through this journey I am honored to have met so many wonderful students and yoga instructors that have shaped Ahimsa into what it is today.

My dad, Chuck, was similarly moved by yoga shortly after Ahimsa opened. After a lifetime of working in PR and having recently survived bladder cancer, Chuck was inspired to become a yoga instructor as well. He traveled to the Pacific Palisades in CA to complete his YogaWorks training with Heather Seiniger and Billy Asad. Chuck is a manager and teacher at Ahimsa and loves sharing the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga with students. My dad and I then spent the next two years, while teaching, to complete the 500-hour teaching program at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. 

My best friend Masin Ouksel and I are thrilled to have opened Ahimsa’s second location in Berwyn in September 2015. In May 2016 we purchased Blissed Out Yoga, a wonderful yoga studio in Elmhurst with a dedicated yoga community similar to Ahimsa's. In June of 2017, we opened a location in a gorgeous location in La Grange. In December of 2018, we purchased Elmhurst Yoga Shala, a beautiful studio on Spring Road near the Prairie Path in Elmhurst, adding Elmhurst South as our 5th location.

A natural and gifted instructor, Masin was certified in Nicaragua by Tara Fulton, the creator of Yatra Yoga. Masin has been practicing yoga for many years, and truly lives by the first five yogic principals – Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness),  Asteya (non-stealing),  Bramacharya (control over impulses), and Aparigraha (non-coveting).

Myself, Chuck, Masin and the rest of the instructors at Ahimsa welcome you to our sacred space and promise that we will treat you with love, respect, and do our best to guide you along your yoga path.

Namaste (The Light In Me Bows to the Light In You),